Lviv – taste magic! Or taste Lviv!

Inspiring, magical city and museum with rich history, variety of unique sightseeing. It is here where you will come across 50% of all Ukrainian architectural sites. Walking along the old Lviv with the Gothic mixed with the Baroque, and Renaissance standing hand in hand with the Empire style, you will feel the atmosphere of Europe. The heart of the city if Rynok square (the Market square), which is surrounded by the Renaissance houses and labyrinth of yards, which you wouldn’t like to leave. Everybody who has been to Lviv wishes to return again and again!

City center

The UNESCO Lviv city center with the Rynok square and unique monuments. It is a square with the city council building in the center and 44 buildings of different centuries, the fountains, sculptures and stone-block pavement.

Lviv Opera Theatre

Lviv Opera Theater build in 1901 in the Neo-Renaissance style (by the project of the Polish architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski)

The Potocki palace, Lviv

The Lviv palace of Potocki dukes built in the French Neo-Renaissance style, dates back to XIX century

Boim Chapel

The Boim chapel is the most famous and unique monument of the late Renaissance in Lviv and all around Ukraine.

Lviv Dominican cathedral

The Lviv Dominican cathedral is decorated with the original sculptures and is a splendid monument of the Baroque style.

The Bernardine Monastery

The Monastery built in 1600-1630s belongs to the Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque architecture in Lviv.

The Kornyakta Palace

The palace with the Italian inner yard on the Rynok square in Lviv belongs to the significant Renaissance heritage in Lviv and dates back to 1580;

The Lychakiv Cemetry

The Lychakiv Cemetry is the historical and cultural open-air museum with great number of masterpiece sculptures.

The Shevchenko Park

The Shevchenko Park is an ethnic and folk art open-air museum (the exhibits were brought from different regions of the Carpathians, and the museum itself was open in 1971) The museum resembles a real village and is a very popular spot for people’s celebrations.

Restaurant capital of Ukraine

If you desire to taste the authentic Ukrainian cuisine, you are welcome to numerous cafes with unique history and concept. Lviv has become the restaurant capital of Ukraine with its unusual locations, and the most famous are specific themed cafes – “Kryivka”, “Mazoh”, “Pid Zolotoyu Zirkoyu” etc.

Lviv chocolate and Lviv coffee

Lviv chocolate is worth mentioning, it has been famous for 200 year already. Now “Lviv Chocolate factory” has become one of the city icons, here you can find different chocolate types, berries and nuts covered in it. All this is going to packed in a beautiful, decent decoration, which is so typical of Lviv. The second product is coffee. The coffee shops or “kavyarni” are all over the city, and coffee is sold mainly in grains and freshly roasted

The International Jazz festival “Alfa Jazz Fest”

Lviv regularly hosts different festivals – theatre, food, literature, folk, musical. One of the most vibrant cultural events in Lviv is the International Jazz festival Alfa Jazz Fest. Here you will meet the music lovers from all over the world, they come to enjoy the best jazz musicians of our Planet. These are Jazz gurus who perform on stage of Alfa Jazz Fest – one of the biggest Jazz Fests in Europe!