Odesa is looking forward to your visit!

This is quite a picturesque city with lash of greens and flowers, narrow and spectacular streets. The city which combines historical charm and modern infrastructure, old buildings and villas with modern restaurants, boutiques and galleries. City with unique colours, the most peculiar people and individual environment. Here each house, street and yard is a story inspiring and astonishing for many writers, poets, musicians and painters. Odesa is one of the biggest cultural centers in Ukraine being home for the most talented people and bands.

Odesa citizens

The characteristic feature of the city is its citizens with a strange but very kind humor, hospitable and tolerant easy-going people. All Odesa citizens adore the city and make a famous joke that all people dream to be born in Odesa, but not everybody is lucky enough.

Architecture and attractions

Almost all the buildings around the historical center are the historical and architectural sites with nameplates of a famous person having lived there. The Opera Theatre deserves your special attention, as it is in the top 5 most beautiful theatres in the world.

Beach holidays

Odesa is a place of sea and sunshine, relax and happy faces of tanned tourists, developed infrastructure, modern beach resorts, water sport. There are no big waves and comfortable sandy sea slope, which enables cozy beach holidays with children.

Night life Mecca - "Arcadia"

The Arcadia district is situated just at the seaside and comprises the biggest night clubs. In summer the Arcadia welcomes club-goers from all over the world, and a lot of celebrities visit the Arcadia with concerts and shows.

Children holidays

If you want to entertain your children, you are welcome at the Dolphinarium, Amusement Park, two aqua parks, Bio-park, which will amaze even the adults.

Cultural holidays

Odesa is the home to 8n theatres, the Philarmony and the Circus, which are essential for an evening fun. And of course only Odesa can offer you the biggest international film festival in Ukraine - Odesa International Film festival. Even if you fail to visit ticketing shows, you can surely enjoy open-air event at the Potemkin stairs or the Lanzheron descend.

Odesa cuisine

Odesa is full of surprises for everybody who is into delicious food. Odesa cuisine is really tasty and full of flavors: forshmak, stuffed fish, fried plaice and sculpins (types of local fish), the Black sea mussels, caviar made of eggplant. There are numerous food festivals in the city, you can taste main Odesa dishes and find more about culinary traditions. Along the seaside you can find a range of posh restaurants, cafes and bistro with spectacular sea view. Odesa is famous for “Privoz” market, which is an icon of the city, the visitors will be pleased with prices, really vibrant sellers and variety of products.